I have been working on finding the happy medium of lowering bf% and increasing muscle mass. I know this is the goal for everyone but I am not sure how to really measure my progress through out my training plan. I have been relying on my weight to give me a sign of progress but I am losing more weight then I would like. I was thinking that I was gaining muscle mass at a slower rate then I am losing fat. Now I have been on my new nutrition plan that promises mass gain and I have hit a wall. I weigh 210.8 (10%bf) for the last week. I am getting stronger and eating a strict diet but no change. My goal is 220 but I feel like its slipping away.

I have been doing the Kris Gethin 12 week program one time through and now I’m on my second time through week 3. I am getting more tone and my strength is increasing but I am still losing weight and there is no sign of increase. I looked into my nutrition and have increased my protein /carbs/fats. 6 meals, lean cuts rice/whole grain bread/chesses. I am thinking about increasing my intake but im trying not to gain to much fat.

I am also thinking that I might just be too impatient. So back to the main question, when trying to increase in mass how should I measure my progress? How long into a workout/nutrition program should I make changes if I am not getting the results that I am seeking?