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    1. Need Help Sprint Siii sph-L710 to boost

      I have searched everywhere to no avail to this problem. I was indeed able to get the phone flashed and made one call, however it didn't stick and I would be redirected to a message saying "You have reached your wireless carrier, enter phone number now"

      Despite not being able to make calls, text, or get mms, I was able to get 3g working.

      I have the boost incognito as my donor, and a Sprint SIII that I am trying to flash to. I have gotten all the sprint and boost ha and aaa keys written in dfs, everything writes ok in dfs but when trying to read the data tab I get errors, and reading the mobile ip tab I get errors but everything writes ok in mobile ip too.

      In trying to fix the no voice problem I saw the nv item read/write method from donor to siii however since I did this the radio goes in and out and if I pull down the top bar and watch the mobile data and airplane mode buttons they enable themselves for a split second and flip flop between each other between being on and off. I also no longer get 3g after I did the nv item write no matter what I do.

      MEID, ESN, and SCM are correct. NV items seem to be effed (come to find out messing with them isnt needed) Odin back to stock 4.1.1 doesnt fix this problem, hands free over wifi doesn't fix, prl update and update profile doesn't fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated, after countless hours I have not been able to get this. Bout to throw in the towel....

    2. Re: Need Help Sprint Siii sph-L710 to boost