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    1. AAMC 10/11 Verbal vs MCAT Verbal

      [URL=]SDN Members[/URL] don't see this ad. ([URL=]About Ads[/URL]) Is AAMC 10/11 Verbal considered overall harder than MCAT VR from general experiences?

    2. Re: AAMC 10/11 Verbal vs MCAT Verbal

      (never taken before, taking this Thursday) but...

      I've heard it's slightly longer than those verbals with similar difficulty. Also added pressure to really figure out whats going on on test day. That's what lurking has taught me.

    3. Re: AAMC 10/11 Verbal vs MCAT Verbal

      While the difficulty of the verbal section does differ among the various AAMC practice tests, I don't think there's a trend towards more or less difficult as you progress from AAMC 3 to AAMC 11. The real MCAT could be easier or harder than any particular AAMC, but should fall within the range of difficulty encompassed by AAMC 3-11.