My question involves a child custody case from the State of: New York

Hello there my name is Michael, I recently lived in Utica, NY. There one of my childhood friends, and still one of my best friends named Amy, is going through a lot. Amy is 16, she is pregnant, and is currently living with her ex-step father, because it's too dangerous to go back home. Around Dec. 2012, a sex offender named Joseph J. Ryan was released from prison, he is a level three sex offender, convicted for Attempted Sodomy of a 7 y/o - 1st Degree in 1991. In 2011, he was convicted of unlawful imprisonment, and something like unlawful sexual touching (not sure), both were misdemeanor crimes. He is out now on parole. Amy refuses to live at home where he mother dates this pig. She's involved CPS, and authorities, yet, nothing has changed nothing seems to work, the cops in New York, obviously just don't care. So the next steps she's trying is to have the rights of her mom be taken, if not she be emancipated. Her mom is careless, she has threatened to kill herself several times over this scumbag. I bought her clothes, and new shoes, it looked like she hadn't had new things in who knows how long. Aside from that, how would she go about getting herself emancipated in the state of New York? If not emancipated, how would she make a case for custody change to her ex-stepfather? Or any other advice or tips would greatly be appreciated, thanks a million!