After a long tome of research, I was able to dig out our ancient free browsing code that was used over a year ago; I took time for me to reconfigure it and now I am out with the latest free browsing configuration for both your computers and mobile phones. The configuration is both available for the reining networks in Nigeria, namely: - MTN, ZAIN and ETISALET.
As the internet provider keep blocking our free internet gateway, people like us work tirelessly day and night to make sure that every Nigerian continue to browse the internet for free. One thing is sure; these configurations must be blocked one of these days. One thing I do promise those who subscribe under me is that if they are committed to browsing the internet free, ones the code you are using gets blocked, just give me a call or an sms and you will get an update. So, if I am in the position to advice any body over this ‘free browsing’ saga, make sure you get it from trusted hands because majority of the people you read their blogs might be scammers.
I would have loved very much to post the settings here, both for security reasons I have to withdraw it since our ISP will not look at it twice before it gets paralyzed. Below are some of other cool services you can get from me.

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