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    1. Tripped Breaker Reset....Power Still Not On

      I'm not quite sure what is going on or what the possibilities are, which is why I'm posting my questions here.

      One night we had turned on in the living room, the lamp, the ceiling fan and the lights (that are part of the ceiling fan and are also dimmer light bulbs). We don't typically have all three running at the same time, but they were that night. All at once, they all went off. We assume the breaker was tripped and we would check on it later since we had company over at the time. (side note: This is also the same outlet that the Christmas tree is plugged into during the holidays and we have never had this problem before.)

      The next day or so, my husband reset the breaker thinking that would work. It didn't, non of the power came back on for those items. I'm assuming the lamp never got unplugged or turned "off" because the next day, the lamp came on all by itself. I checked the fan and ceiling lights and they worked too.

      By the next day (or possibly that night), non of them were working again. I'm not sure if my husband has turned the breaker to the off position or not, but I noticed he unplugged the lamp and all the switches are in the off position. We hope we can fix this problem on our own without having to call an electrician.

      My fear now is what is our potential for a fire hazard with whatever is going on with this problem. We have no idea where to start. (The foyer light, front door outside light, ceiling fan/light-with dimmer, and one outlet are all of the items on this circuit.)

    2. Re: Tripped Breaker Reset....Power Still Not On

      Lose connection in either a switch box, ceiling box, or a receptacle. Any wires inserted into backstabs need to be moved to the screws, all wires on screws tested for tightness. All wire nuts removed and replaced or at least examined inside for corrosion or broken springs. The problem may be at the last working fixture or device on the breaker or first non working device or fixture. Also have you read [URL=]Troubleshooting a dead receptacle or light, Basic Terminology & Other info[/URL]

    3. Re: Tripped Breaker Reset....Power Still Not On

      I just read it....I wasn't even sure where to start before. My main concern is always a fire hazard. I think I read enough on other sites tonight to scare myself. He doesn't seem too worried though. If the breaker is off, is there a need to rush to find the problem? I'm assuming when you say ceiling box, you are referring to the ceiling fan/light, which is in a vaulted ceiling and will require additional help (since baby #2 is on the way).
      Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.