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    1. Ubuntu 13.04 on Sony Vaio Pro 13; WiFi broken

      Caveat: I know nothing (Jon Snow) about Linux, other than very minimal exposure to both Mint and Ubuntu on desktop systems.

      Just got the new Sony Vaio Pro 13 and, due to an underabundance of forethought wiped Windows and installed Ubuntu 13.04. Wireless, I am now aware after browsing a number of forums, doesn't seem to be playing nice with the newer hardware. There is [URL=]this[/URL] thread which mentions a bootstrap fix for it in Fedora 19, but I am not familiar enough with Linux to know whether that would be viable in Ubuntu.

      Does anyone have any n00b-friendly advice that might help? I would greatly appreciate it. Worst-case I can always reinstall Windows, but I think we're all aware of how worst of a case that would be.

    2. Re: Ubuntu 13.04 on Sony Vaio Pro 13; WiFi broken

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