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    1. Briggs and Stratton 625e starting problems

      Murray Push mower with B&S 625e Series Engine

      Engine Model Number - 122N02 6377 F4

      This mower was bought brand new last June. It worked fine all summer, unfortunately I did not winterize it properly.

      It had some trouble getting started a few weeks ago, but it worked well enough to cut the grass. It would take a few pulls to start, then if I turned it off for any reason, it took about 20 pulls to start again. Pulled it out to mow again this weekend, had the same experience for about 3/4 of the lawn before it stopped dead and suddenly would only restart long enough to belch out white smoke.

      I replaced the air filter, cleaned the carburetor bowl, refilled it with fresh 93 octane fuel, , cleaned the spark plug (I haven't been able to find any of the correct size in my area, apparently its a popular size and everyone has bought them up, so I can't replace it yet)

      About every 20-30 pulls, it will turn over and start for a few seconds and belch out white smoke and backfire. If i take the spark plug out after that it has gas on it. I can clean it off and get it to start back up for the same scenario after 20-30 pulls.

      I have no ideas on this, anyone else have any?

    2. Re: Briggs and Stratton 625e starting problems

      Check the oil and see if it is over full. The carburetor may need and good cleaning and a new needle and seat put in it. If oil is over full and smells gasey, change oil. Carburetor may have been leaking and filled crank case with gas. Also if you say you cleaned the carburetor did you clean the bottom brass jet that holds float bowl on? It has three holes in it ,,two on the sides and one in the center.