This is to inform the general public that the Just concluded entrance examination that was conducted on 18th of may 2013 that the short listed list Names of our successful candidates has been released, (Note: This list is not all candidates but a shortlisted successful Names for about 20 candidates in each state across Nigeria) Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) for 65RC is scheduled to commence from 21st June to 2nd August 2013.

(It is my pleasure to welcome all staff and cadets back to the academy after a well deserved break. I particularly welcome the newest members of the academy community, the cadets of the 64 Regular Course. I sincerely congratulate these new cadets for being selected to attend the prestigious Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), after a rigorous selection process. The next few weeks and months, which will be tough, will transform you into proud young men and ladies who will soon be adorning the uniforms of officer cadets. Therefore, I encourage you to be resilient and of good conduct as time moves very quickly in the academy. None of you should contemplate abandoning the training as you will be missing out on a very rare opportunity which tens of thousands of other Nigerians are yearning for. The staff and older cadets will be available to guide you as you settle down and begin to make a success of your stay in the academy and eventually as members of the armed forces. I extend very special welcome to the new allied cadets from Republic of Benin and Central Africa Republic and encourage them to quickly acclimatise to their new environment)

For Admission Assistance Only Contact:
Name: Major Gen. m o Williams
Phone: 0814 629 6853
Office Address: GCCFF Registrar Nda Headquarter Kaduna, Kaduna state Nigeria
Signed: (Registrar Of The academy)