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    1. Lightbulb How to reset, retrieve or get your 2go password for free.

      If for whatever reason you forget your 2go password or you simply want to reset or change your 2go password but find it hard doing so.
      Relax.. as I take you through the processes of getting not just your lost 2go password but how to get it for just FREE.
      Ya! For FREE.

      To get started retrieving your 2go password. Go to [URL=""][/URL] from any mobile browser UCWEB, Opera Mini, Firefox mobile etc.
      You may see the following MESSAGES "WELCOME TO 2GO YOU ARE FROM

      - YES
      Mind you the CANADA here is for example sake, you may see another country depending on the I.P you are browsing with.

      You should select No, change country. Select KENYA or AFGHANISTAN as your country and CLICK ''GO''

      Next you are promoted to select your Home Language. Of course leave it at ENGLISH and Click "GO".

      Next you will be shown a window where you will see the country you chose and a message asking you to either "Get the New 2GO mobile
      messenger now or Get Help.

      Click on/Select "GET HELP"

      From the next window, carefully look for and select "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD/PIN.

      At this point you will be asked to enter your Mobile Number AND 2GO will send you your USERNAME AND PASSOWRD VIA SMS.

      Enter your correct mobile number exactly the one you used to sign up on 2GO in the format 2348056370712. If you are Nigerian make sure you use 234 then your mobile Number without the first "0" . Example, if your mobile number is 08056370712, it should be in this format 2348056370712.
      Mind you if you are not Nigerian, use your country dialing code prefix in place of the 234.

      After that click on/select PROCEED. A message shows telling you that your "2GO USERNAME AND PASSWORD HAVE

      BEEN SENT TO 23480........"
      Just wait for a few seconds/minutes and your 2GO USERNAME AND PASSWORD

      would be sent to you FREE OF CHARGE.

      2GO USERNAME: xzynwa
      Why not use the comment box below to tell us your experience
      retrieveing your 2go password.

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