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    1. Big Brother Africa 8 "The Chase" Updates

      The reality show is gradually hitting its crescendo with housemates playing the game wittingly. While the housemates who are not playing the game well, are being booted out. The house is being decimated little by little. The latest incidents so far in the House.

      Goodbye Neyll and Biguesas!

      Angolan housemates Biguesas andNeyll can be said to be some of this seasonís discreet people in the house, most especially as their voices didnít carry much flexibility amongst fellow BBA Ė TheChase contestants. The two got evicted from the Big Brother Africa last Sunday.

      The Angolan who quit his banking job back home for Big Brother said he had no regrets coming into the game and looked a bit surprised when presenter IK disclosed to him that Natasha had feelings for him.Biguesas had fallen in love with Natasha, but he said it wasnít in a romantic way.

      The second housemate to leave the Big Brother house this week was Angelaís Neyll who made his fellow housemates sad when his name was mentioned. This marked the end of the road for Angola as both their housemates have left the competition.

      Hereís who which country voted for this week:

      Angola: Neyll

      Botswana: Pokella

      Ghana: Pokello

      Kenya: Annabel

      Ethiopia: Annabel

      Malawi: Natasha

      Namibia: Pokello

      Nigeria: Pokello

      South Africa: Pokello

      Sierra Leone: Pokello

      Tanzania: Annabel

      Uganda: Annabel

      Zambia: Natasha

      Zimbabwe: Pokello

      Rest of Africa: Pokello

      Total: Pokello = 8; Annabel = 4; Natasha=2, Neyll = 1, Biguesas = 0. (Total: 15Votes)

      Meanwhile, this week has a whopping seven housematesnominated - Elikem, Natasha, Oneal,Motamma, Betty, Bolt and Nando who are all up for possible eviction.

      Malawiís Natasha up for eviction again as she betrays emotions

      Emotions ran high in the Ruby House on Monday evening following Big BrotherísNominations announcement. One of Malawiís Representatives Natasha Tonthola, is up again for possible eviction thisSunday. This is the third time consecutively she will be nominated.

      Natasha, who is up for possible eviction for the third time in as many weeks,broke down in the bedroom as the reality of possibly being evicted this week sunkin. She was nominated by Ghanaian actor and tailor Elikem who justified his nomination by saying Natasha was trying too hard to please everybody all of asudden.With four nominations, Natasha seemed to be going for another eviction battle as the Housemates complained that sheís tryingto build coalitions by whispering into peopleís ears. Most of her fellow Housemates feel that she canít be trusted.

      Natasha quickly disappeared from the lounge and headed to the bedroom where she sought solace in her bed. The Malawian was quickly followed upstairs by Fatima, who sat by her side and attempted to comfort her. ďIím the most hated Housemate. Clearly everyone thinks Iím a bad person. Are they threatened by me because I cook and clean? Do you know how it feels to be nominated every week?Ē she asked, not expecting an answer. Will she be lucky again this Sunday?

      Malawi BBA rep Natasha caught on camera using sex toy, shower strip dance

      Malawiís Natasha Ann Tonthola has been hitting the headlines recently over sexual issues.The onus has been shifted from Pokello to Natasha. The housemate, who seems to have a pact with eviction, has had her X-rated pictures gone viral on internet when she was caught on camera in the wee hours of the morning using a sex vibrator while having her bath.

      It has been said that Ďaction speaks louder than wordsí. This saying canít be more apt than in the life of Natasha who is not only corrupt in speech but also in deed. She threw caution to the wind, even though she knows that thereís camera everywhere by deciding to give the public a show of all thatís under.The motherly Malawian has been acting like a sex educator to her fellow Housemates. Could she be sex-starved?

    2. Re: Big Brother Africa 8 "The Chase" Updates

      hmmn speachless