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    1. So Windows 8 is utter crap

      Like the title says, how did this thing even manage to get through the doors and out into the retail market?

      This OS is a complete nightmare for anyone who is a native windows user. The removal of an efficient start menu for one was the stupidest move I have ever seen in my entire life. Not to mention the fact that they give laptop and desktop users this useless metro interface that is ugly, inefficient and completely useless to the majority of PC users.

      I have no idea who came up with this idea, but while it was a smart move for phone and tablets, this design and core interface is not what PC users want. Anyone else feel the same way about this trash operating system?

    2. Re: So Windows 8 is utter crap

      /Agree OP, it does suck.

      Also in b4:

      - OP stuck in the past
      - Learn to adapt, you just hate change luddite!
      - My 2 month old son/daughter/pet turtle can use it you must be slow if you have trouble with it...
      - Install a start menu noob then its not so bad... (apart from having to install your own start menu)
      - "I love it, its really really really good, best windows version ever 9/10! I love how random and disorganized it is, my computer is an adventure every time i use windows 8, totally suits my lifestyle" - Typed from this desk: