Good day everyone,hope your day has been good,about some weeks ago,i updated you with how to root your techno android phone and i hope so many people found it very useful.Today,i'll like to share this simple and short tutorial with all techno android users on how to reset your phone when any problem ensues.
There is nothing on this earth that has advantages that doesnt have a demerit,The main reason for securing a phone with a password is majorly to prevent any external users from accessing your files,in the course of securing the phone,someone may try to unlock your phone by trying several passwords, 10 or more attempts to unlock the phone will lead to temporary lock-down of the phone and you will be prompted to login with the gmail account you normally download with on google play store,so if you can't remember your password or may be you have never downloaded anything on play store will lead to problems which i would solve for you in this tutorial.
Prevention they say is better than cure,before i tutor you on how to reset,i need to first of all tell you how to prevent it,it is advisable you download something from google play at least once with a registered gmail account and make sure you don't forget all the informations you provided during registration,it is also advisable you use security pin instead of the unlock screen pattern,and lastly beware of the kind of person you give your phone.
But if paradventure or by misadventure,there is a need to reset your phone,follow the below process..
Make sure your phone is switched off with a charged battery in it.
Then press simultaneously the power and the volume(+) button for 4 sec,then withdraw your hand from power and let your hand remain still on volume(+) till a pop up window comes out,then use the power button to navigate and reset your phone..thats all..
If you have any problem concerning this,feel free to comment below.
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Good luck!!!!!
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