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    1. "Cleaning up - Do not turn off your computer"

      I have to say, in all my years this is the first time I've ever seen this Start Up message on windows 7. It took forever but it did finish, almost 45 minutes. So I'm more curious than anything else.

      Has anyone come across this? What exactly causes this and what is it doing? (yes it's cleaning up, but what )

      This was after running the cleanmgr.exe from d7. Something I've done on countless systems and never had this show up. Come to think of it I ran ADWCLEANER last but that's never brought up this startup routine.

      The only relevant links I could find were:



    2. Re: "Cleaning up - Do not turn off your computer"

      I've been using ADW a lot in the last 2-3 months and not seen it prompt that message.
      Doesn't sound familiar to me either.

      Edit: I would add that, if it's coming up in the same way "configuring updates" does, it's gotta be a Windows function and not based on a 3rd party app. I could see CleanMgr potential triggering it.

    3. Re: "Cleaning up - Do not turn off your computer"

      I believe that has to do with windows update. I think I have seen it before. Couldn't find any confirmation on it.