There are many Blackberry users in Nigeria and they are using various types of networks, Just Of Recent I Noticed that All Blackberry Network Provider [MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT] Minimized Subscription Plan & Some Minimized there Bandwidths, It's Good News and Bad News As Well…
Airtel subscription: Remain Intact.
Glo subscription: Remain Intact.
MTN subscription: Price Remain Intact But they Reduced there Bandwidths From Unlimited to 3GB for 1month
Etisalat subscription: Etisalat Reduced there a Data Plan Price From N1, 500 to N1000 for 1month and there Bandwidths is unlimited.
The good news is that we have worked out how you can enjoy this Etisalat Bis Unlimited Cheapest Subscription on PC/Symbian Mobile Phones without the support of any software.

Follow the Steps Below to Make Etisalat BIS Subscription Work on Your PC
Materials needed:

  1. Etisalat SIM
  2. GPRS enabled phone
  3. An Internet Modem
  4. Personal Computer
  5. Your Brain

1. Get an etisalat SIM and activate it for Data. A SIM should normally be automatically activated for internet immediately you insert into your phone. If after some period you still don't get the setting sent to you. Push Etisalat Data Settings to Your Phone. If you already have a SIM you have been using to browse, you don't need this step. Just proceed to step two.

2. Now that your SIM is internet ready, load a recharge card of N1000 to your phone and subscribe to Etisalat Monthly Blackberry plan.
To Subscribe for Etisalat BIS
Daily Dial *499*3*2# or Send COD to 399 #100
Weekly Dial *499*3*1# or Send COW to 399 #500
Monthly Dial *499*3# or Send COM to 399 #1,000
Wait till you get an Etisalat SMS that your subscription is successful.

3. Remove the Etisalat SIM and insert into your Internet Modem. Connect your modem to your PC and create a new settings profile on your modem with the following information:

Profile Name: Etisalat Bis or Any Name
Access Number or Dial Up: *99#
Username: Empty
Password: Empty

Advanced Settings
Primary DNS:
Secondary or Alternate:

Save, select as the Default Setting and Connect to the Internet.

4. Now open your browser and use the following IP and Port:

  • IP:
  • PORT: 8080

Save it and you are almost done.

Now type [url][/url] or [url][/url] in the address and launch it. What do you see? It's working!
You can now visit any website of your choice and download as you want but don't forget to drop your testimony here first that its working for you!

After you have used it with the IP for some days, you can remove the IP and Port from the browser and use Automatically detect Proxy. This way, you can open https (secure) sites.

For Symbian Phones
Create a new Connection Settings on your phone with the following information:

Connection Name: Etisalat Bis or Any Name
Username: Empty
Password: Empty

Click Option >> Advanced Settings >> DNS address
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Port: 8080

So what are you waiting for, enjoying surfing on the net without fear of exhausting megabytes and Share this post with your friends and families.

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