Any How You call am, sofar a 2go account could be Hacked through the below processes. HOW TO HACK ANY 2GO ACCOUNT PASSWORD WITH BLUEFTP Now, most of us dont know all the wonders of the java file xplorer- BlueFTP Download HERE '....Well among its functions include its usage to hack 2go password of somebody...... Just follow dis steps: 1. Copy the 2go of the person you want to h*ck, through his memory card.. 2. Open your blueftp and search for his bluetooth by pressing the right navigation key.... If done then you can see his folders 3. From the blueftp, Open the folder you copied the 2go in his memory Card, and then you will see 4 items namely: => 2go.jar, => 2go.jad, => 2go _rms and =>2go_rms 4. Click options on the first 2go_ rms and select ''open as text'' 5. YoU will see many writings that you dont understand, but at the top you ll see [username and at d right of it is the PASSWORD!!!!! -

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