The following are the specimens for physics practical for the 2013 WAEC May/June. We have posted WAEC biology practical specimens too. You might want to confirm them from your school to be sure that they tally with what you have here.
Specimens for Physics Practical WAEC May/June 2013.
-Uniform meter rule labelled M with its mass written on its reverse side.
-Knife edge.
-Graduated measuring cylinder(0-10cm^3) labelled m1 with its mass indicated on it.
-Fine dry sand.
-Thread 50cm long.
-Rectangular glass prism measuring at least 8.0cm x 5.5cm.
-Cellotex board.
-Four optical pins.
-Four thumb pins.
-Drawing papers.
-2 ohm standard resistor.
-Constantan wire S.W.G.28, 100cm long.
-Two 1.5V dry cells or 2.0V freshly charged accumulator.
-Meter rule.
-Crocodile clip.
-Six connecting wires.
We have already shared the specimens for WAEC Biology Practical, new will be specimens for Agricultural Science Practical and Chemistry Practical.
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