My question involves a consumer law issue regarding located at: 530 Lytton Avenue - 2nd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94301 Toll Free: 1-866-414-6799 9am-6pm EST Weekdays 9am-6pm EST Weekends Watch fullscreen HD I specialize in web design and server administration. The lack of a functional cancellation button is completely unacceptable. All the other buttons on the site function without a problem, especially the ones that take your credit card information, how convenient. I've been trying to cancel for hours to no avail. If today had been the last day to cancel, I would have been locked into a payment and thrown into who knows what kind of time consuming process of calling my credit card company and the business in question in an attempt to resolve this issue. This is not the first time I, or others who I am acquainted with, have encountered this sort of situation. It fills me with endless frustration/disgust. It's pretty clear that should be taken offline until this feature works correctly - unless of course this is a scam designed to trap people in a subscription renewal, in which case prosecution would be the only proper course of action. It seems pretty clear to me that is trying to create a HUGE headache for anyone attempting to cancel their subscription. I have zero patience for this kind of ineptitude or misconduct where my money is involved. Does anyone have any advice or feedback?