Earlier yesterday, it was the news of [URL="http://ngscholars.com/2013/02/nassarawa-state-university-is-shut-down-after-nigerian-troops-kill-four-students/"]Soldiers shooting 4 Students of the Nasarawa State University dead[/URL] while they were protesting scarcity of water. The school has now been shut down indefinitely. Now, it’s another news from Ebonyi State University, Ebsu that Angry Students of the Institution stormed the Canaan Lodge, Ishieke hostel of the Student Union Government president where they destroyed the SUG bus, looted a provisions store belonging to him and destroy other properties.
The students of EBSU said, they were protesting the insensitivity of the Student Union Government president
especially his silence over the 100 per cent increment in
school fees. The protesting students believed he had been
settled by the school management to keep quiet so he
became their main target.
The Nigeria police were later called in, and they shot tear
gas to disperse the students. However, everything has
been brought to normal.
What we want us to learn from this I think is that our students should protest peacefully to avoid casualties and our security agencies need more talking-to and training.
May God help us all.
The post [URL="http://ngscholars.com/2013/02/ebsu-students-riot-ebonyi-state-university-students-burnt-down-sug-bus-over-increment-of-school-fee/"]EBSU Students Riot: Ebonyi State University Students Burnt Down SUG Bus over Increment of School Fee[/URL] appeared first on [URL="http://ngscholars.com"]NGScholars[/URL].

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