All students (graduate and undergraduate) are expected to undertake on-line course registration for the Second Semester, 2012/2013 Academic Year.
Students are to register using any computer with internet access.
Deadline for registration is Tuesday, February 12, 2013.
Please note the following:
1. Students who have not fully paid their Academic/ Residential (where applicable) Fees will not be granted access to register on-line.
2. Students will only be granted access to register 48 working hours after full payment of fees.
3. Students who have fully paid their fees but cannot get access to register 48 working hours after payment should contact staff of the Students’ Accounts Unit at the Registry (room D22) with all their receipts and any other relevant document or call 020-9114001 or send email to:
E-mail: [email]studentsaccounts@ug.edu.gh[/email] (Students Accounts Unit
[email]academic@ug.edu.gh[/email] (Academic Affairs Directorate)
[email]sgsadmissions@ug.edu.gh[/email] (School of Graduate Studies)
4. The Schedule of Fees for both Academic/Residential Facilities can be found on the University’s website, [url]www.ug.edu.gh[/url].
5. Steps for registration can be found at [url]www.ug.edu.gh/aad[/url] under the registration sub-menu
E. A. Amartey
Director (Academic Affairs Directorate)
cc: Vice-Chancellor
Distribution Pro-Vice-Chancellors
Notice Boards Registrar
Heads of Departments
Accountant, Students’ Accounts
Radio Univers

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