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RIM recently rolled out the Blackberry Messenger 7 (BBM 7) with exciting new features including a set of new smileys. I also mentioned in the post where I wrote about [URL="http://www.cynamix.net/4086/download-get-features-of-blackberry-messenger-version-7-bbm-7-with-voice-call.html"]the release of BBM 7[/URL] that it is fully integrated with Blackberry ID now but I did not fully talk about the implications of this – I must address one of them now.
I have been getting a lot of messages and tweets from those that are already using BBM 7 that they couldn’t [URL="http://www.cynamix.net/2638/how-to-backup-restore-your-blackberry-messenger-contacts.html"]back up their BBM contacts[/URL]. Some were already bitter, asking why did I ask them to make the upgrade in the first place. Well, I’m happy to inform you that the feature is available but you won’t just see it as an option like it was on BBM version 6. I have replied several people individually but I keep getting more messages, so I felt I should make a post about it for public access.
Remember that I said BBM 7 is fully integrated with BBID, so this backup happens automatically to your account. You no longer need to go to Options >> Backup from your Blackberry Messenger like it is on earlier versions.* If you need to restore, after you have gotten your new device or downloaded your new BBM, you will be prompted to provide your BBID, provide it and and restore from backup. Soon, according to some sources, everything on Blackberry might soon be attached to Blackberry ID.
I hope this helps!
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