Hacking a Symbian Phone might not look and sound facile to most people but with this post on how to hack all S60v3 and all S60v5, i am going to explain to the extent that anyone who reads this post will understand how to hack a Symbian phone easily.

When installing applications on your Symbian Phone, you might have encountered errors like Certificate Error and Expired Certificate. Unhacked Symbian phones will never allow you to install such applications until you hack them. By hacking your symbian phone, you'll be able to use your phone to your taste, i meant you will be able to install all Unsigned and all Expired Certificate Applications easily.

[URL="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4AhpaFOvYLE/UAbYOwUdvLI/AAAAAAAAA98/OA5EegnDLgQ/s1600/Learn_how_to_hack_all_symbian_phone_from_techfunc. jpg"][/URL]

Hacking a Symbian Phone also allow its user to modify the phone's firmware and bypass the mandatory signing requirements. There are so many Symbian Phone Developers {develops Symbian Applications} who cant afford to buy a signed certificate and most of their applications are great for Symbian Phones. To hack your S60v3 and S60v5 Symbian Phones, Follow the below steps carefully, i hacked a Nokia E71 with this symbian phone hacking method.

Hacking all Symbian S60v3 and all Symbian S60v5 with a easy Method:

You are going to need the following:

- A symbian Phone that has inbuilt mass storage or Memory card

- A card Reader or a Nokia USB plus Cable to connect

- [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fvnd.symbian.install&get-file=27"]Download DrWeb6 for Symbian[/URL]

- [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fzip&get-%20file=28"]Download QuarantineDriversLDD.zip[/URL]

- [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fvnd.symbian.install&get-%20file=29"]Download RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersions.sisx [/URL]

- [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fvnd.symbian.install&get-%20file=30"]Explore_S60_3rd_1_53.sisx[/URL]

- [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=&get-%20file=31"]Installservers_Pack.zip [/URL]

Tutorial on getting all Symbian Phones Hacked:

Am sure you have all the above listed requirements, now follow the steps below carefully.

- Download and Copy [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fvnd.symbian.install&get-file=27"]Download DrWeb6 for Symbian[/URL] to your phone Memory card using your cable or card reader, if you are copying from Nokia cable, make sure to select the Mass Storage Mode when it prompt to select Mode option on your phone so that you will be able to access the Private Folder.

- Install DrWeb6 for symbian to your phone Memory card.

- On your computer, Download and extract [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fzip&get-%20file=28"]QuarantineDriversLDD.zip[/URL], you will see a folder named Private, just copy the folder and paste it to your Memory card, after you must have copied and pasted and you cant find the Private folder, go to your memory card page on computer and go to, Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> and Select Show Hidden Files and Folders. If you cant see any Private folder in your Memory card, then create it manually and copy the folder named 20024113 from the already extracted private folder into the Private folder you created manually on your memory card. Then Disconnect your phone from your computer or insert back your memory card into your phone.

- Launch DrWeb.

If it ask for registration key then press cancel it will activate trial mode for you and this is all you need.

- On DrWeb, Go to Options >> Quarantine

- Options >> Select all

- Go Options Restore.

Now, RomPacther drivers are in c:\sys\bin folder

- Download and install [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fvnd.symbian.install&get-%20file=29"]RomPacther+ 3.1 Lite.[/URL]

- Launch RomPatcher+ and apply Open4all patch. Now you have access to write in all system folders. You then need to apply installserver patch, so that you can install all unsigned apps compatible with your phone.

Note: if you use an older s60v3 phone e.g nokia E65 , N73 and others, you will encounter this little problem and here is the solution:

- After doing all above, open your rompatcher and enable installserver and open for all you will notice that install server will show red but open4all will indicate green.


- On Nokia E71, it has OS 9.2, so after extracting the installserver pack copy out installserver9.2 and launch the xplore on your phone then copy the installserver to C:/sys/bin and that's all.

Now go back to your rompatcher and apply installserver this time it will show green and if it doesn't, just try and install one Unsigned Application and it will install, on my E71, the install server RP+ remains Red and it has already been hacked.

Download the latest version of rompatcher then set installserver to auto patch from your rompatches if only you want your rompatcher to always work automatically and if you dont, whenever you restart your phone and you wish to install any unsigned application, you will still get the certificate error.

So if you install the rompatcher from [URL="http://dionwales.wapka.mobi/site_21.xhtml?get-ftype=application%2Fvnd.symbian.install&get-%20file=29"]RomPacther+ 3.1 Lite,[/URL] then be sure to manually apply patches anytime you want to install all unsigned applications.

You will definitely be able to hack all Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle , S60V5 and S60V3 operating system by using this simple symbian phone hacking method.

Let me know if you encounter any difficulty.

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