I am a new member. I bought a TP-Link 150N Router model TL-WR740N. I already got a BSNL modem which is working. I tried to configure this new router, but so far no success..First I tried to configure using the supplied CD, but it returned an error. Then I used the web link ( and tried to configure..connected modem to wan port and configure in PPPoE mode. entered user name/password, Finished every thing as described,but in the end no internet connection. Then I tried to connect it as a switch...I mean connected the modem to LAN port (instead of WAN port), disabled DHCP server, and tried to connect, but no luck. I am not getting connection even in desktop PC using wired LAN connection. Later I tried to change LAN IP. Reset the router to factory setting, logged to TP-Link web utility, Disabled DHCP server, changed LAN address to (an un-used LAN ip in my modem), then re-logged, set up all wireless connection. This time the internet icon got ok, (I mean that yellow mark disappeared...I am using windows 7), but it is still not connecting to any internet site. and the internet icon on taskbar turns yellow quite often. When I try to connect my laptop through wi-fi, the internet connection is established, but not able to connect to any site. Can anyone suggest me how to set-up this router with my BSNL modem? If I connect the modem directly, it is working fine.

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