Hello, will someone tell me about ipad mini selling in japan. Well i wud like to know is it carrier locked to softbank (therefore wholeipadmini locked)only? No Foreign sim acceptance!!
2- Or is it just like ipad 2 locked to softbank only inJAPAN but if we take outside japan(im talking abt IMINI) it is unlocked to any carriers???? PLEASE ANSWER ME WITHIN SATURDAY COZ IM CONFUSEDLIKE CRAZY. I am leaving japan for vacation so i wanna use it to the country i go(whereever) the cellular version of ipadmini.. WHEN ASKED TO SOFTBANK IT SAID PROUDLY" IT IS LOCKED TO SOFTBANK ONLY NO BUT FUK DIDNT EVEN UTTERED A WORD ABOUT INTERNATIONALLY UNLOCK. it is CONFUSING ME. Coz APPLE policy says ipa is sim free but SOFTBANK KEEPS SAYING LOCKED TO SOFTBANK ONLY DAFQ!!!