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The Federal Government of Nigeria is at it again with the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria*Program (Youwin!) but this time around it is strictly for the ladies – where da ladies at ?
I am happy our Government has realized and understood the need to empower our women.
Incase you have not heard, YouWin! is an initiative of the FGN to empower Nigerian entrepreneurs who are below 45 years. The last batch, had over 1,200 winners who were selected after a rigorous process, at least I can confirm that a number of people I know have received as much as 1 million Naira each for their ventures.
I am still grateful to have been one of the YouWin facilitators during the last batch; I taught e-Marketing, social media and [URL="http://www.cfaleverage.com"]seo in Nigeria[/URL]. I got a standing ovation in one of the sessions but unfortunately, I failed to capture that event because I wasn’t prepared (that’s why I made it my last point below).
In any case, this call to National duty gave me an opportunity to bond with a number of the applicants; both those who qualified and those who didn’t. So I write based on this experience as well as my personal experience an entrepreneur.
Are you still doubting if anything good can come out of Nigeria? Stop that and [URL="https://www.youwin.org.ng/registerp.php"]sign up now[/URL]!
3 tips to help as you apply for the Youwin Program

1. Be Original
My friend asked me my opinion as regards using tools and*software*to write business plans? I said it’s ok but am strongly for being original. Yes, you could use their concept and sub headings but simply make sure you are original.
If too many people appear to use the same software and have a business plan that looks the same in terms of structure, then you make the job very difficult for the human beings (not robots), that would review what you have done.
To succeed in this batch (and future batches) of the YouWin program, then you’ve got to be original.
2. Be Positive
I dare not*over flog*this issue; because as experience has proven time and again, you become what you think about. So, if you want to succeed with your*Youwin Nigeria experience then enter the business with a 100% positive mindset.
Believe that something good can come out of Nigeria. When others say there is a casting down, you should scream THERE IS A LIFTING UP!
As you go into this Youwin program begin to claim your inheritance and confess positive things about your application.
3. Be Prepared
Our motto in the boys scout days but unfortunately humans are hardly ever prepared except when forced to or when they have little or no choice.
So,*I say to you “be prepared” – it is a competition, so don’t expect perfection, go in there with a positive mindset, make friends, learn from others, if you are like me capture the experience with your various tools, expect to win but if not, move on with your life.
Enter the Youwin program with an achiever’s mindset and winning attitude!
It does not matter whether you are selected or not; see yourself as the CEO of a multi billion Naira organisation and carry yourself that way – I don’t mean pride because there is a thin line between confidence and pride.
History has proven (and also my firm belief) that failures usually create more successes, so I bet that in 10 years time, people would did not qualify for the grant would go on to create better businesses.
Do you know why this would likely happen? Failure is a process……
Are you a past applicant? Then you have an opportunity to guide someone to experience the success you are experiencing.*I am certain, I left out some great points and would be glad if you shared your thoughts and/or experiences in the comment box.
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