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    1. Lightbulb Mtn Nigeria Internet Configuration Settings For Ipad, Iphone, Android


      If you have already bought any of these devices as tittled above, be it Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Java phone, Android device etc, you can connect it to the internet with MTN Nigeria Nigeria SIM card provided there is at least, MTN gprs coverage in your location.

      The MTN Internet Settings?
      MTN APN (Access Point Name) =
      MTN Username = web
      MTN Password = web

      Irrespective of the device you are using, if you configure it with the settings above, you should be able to browse the internet with your MTN line.

      How Can I Get MTN Internet Settings On My Phone?
      Just text "settings" to 3888 with your MTN SIM card. (Without quote)

      The MTN Nigeria Internet and MMS settings will be pushed to your phone. Save the settings and you are good to go.

      What If My Device Does Not Support Automatic Set Up of Mobile Internet?
      That means you will have to configure mobile internet on the device manually. The way you will configure a Nokia phone with MTN internet settings is not the same way you will go about it on an Apple iPad. It all depends on your device. But just chill down as I will be posting some of the configuration setting for most used popular phones e.g Samsung, HTC, NEC, etc.

      Hope It helps!

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    2. Re: Mtn Nigeria Internet Configuration Settings For Ipad, Iphone, Android

      Tnx 4 d update. 9ce work.