Making money online has become the ultimate avenue of making extra income in Nigeria without ever depending on usual salary but in a null shell am going to list few sure ways of making money in Nigeria even if you donít have a day job or a steady job precisely.
They are:
1. Market Your ideas: There are many people seeking to invest in a well paying ideas in exchange for profit if you have a lucrative ideas getting a lawyer and investor could be the perfect way to making money in Nigeria even without lifting your fingers.
2. Running Seminars: This could be done even if you have no information to sell or teach the people but you can make money in Nigeria with this simple system by sponsoring people with this ideas and you make fast profit even without stress, it just a simple and easy way to make money in Nigeria.
3. Information Marketing: Hot and big business in Nigeria and in the world at large, remember information marketing is simply teaching someone how to do something in exchange for money, you may package the informationís in form of CDís,Videoís,Audioís etc.
4. Article Writing: From the comfort of your home or office you can make money in Nigeria working less and earning more money.
5. Free Jobs: There are many work at home jobs online where you can make money while in Nigeria deciding on how many hours to work per day and the nature of work to do, it simply offering services online and getting paid for it.
6. Mini Ebook Writing: Many people keep buying one product or the other online,it simply a way of teaching people how to do something thereby helping them solve their problems write and convert it into pdf in exchange for money and itís one of the lucrative way you can make money in Nigeria.
7. Web Design: This is another lucrative business in Nigeria but the truth about web designing is that you have to be a web designer before you can full leverage on it to make money in Nigeria.

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